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One major road block to efficient use of a CRM system is data entry. Some users, mainly those on the road, do not populate the system with their interaction and follow ups immediately after their meetings or sales calls. In some cases the user does not have the time or is not tethered to the Internet or just simply does not have access to a computer. The data is then typically entered at the end of the day and more often than not these entries are delayed days and sometimes even weeks!

Solution … Our newest service called CRM Assistant. CRM Assistant is a service where your CRM users (Sales Road Warriors, Management & etc.) can all call a dedicated number and have a Live Assistant populate the corporate (or personal) CRM system for them.

….  Imagine  ….

Having the ability to finish a meeting and while in the parking lot, before (or while) driving to the next appointment being able to phone a dedicated “CRM Assistant” who will:

* Populate your CRM system with all the fresh completion notes for the meeting you just had
* Schedule the next actions, calls or appointments for you or others
* E-mail templated documents, a message or a simple thank you to the person you just met

The same operator (for an additional cost) can act as a Virtual Assistant and …
* Take a message and enter it into your CRM
* Take a message and call you at your private number
* Take a message and delegate a Task
* Send templated e-mails on your behalf
* Update your CRM with information from a client or prospect
* Provide an outgoing message of your choosing
* Redirecting calls to other employees

* If using a hosted CRM, a dedicated login to the CRM
* If using an On-Premise CRM, either a VPN / Terminal Server/ Remote Login or a Synchronization Client for the CRM
* Appropriate rights to see shared calendars and tasks

Some of our clients using this program have seen CRM Buy In and usage increase from 50% up to 150%. This is a highly cost effective and powerful service that can be used by anybody or any team using a CRM system.

These programs are tailored to your budgets and have proven to be by far one of the most cost effective way of increasing productivity and leveraging the CRM investment.

…  Serex CRM Assistant – “The Voice Behind Your CRM” …

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