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CASL | CanSpam Consent

On July 1st, 2014 the Canadian government introduced the Canadian Anti-Spam Law which requires consent from all recipients of electronic marketing and solicitation messages, which includes Emails,Texts, LinkedIn, Facebook and all other forms of direct electronic messaging. Failing to obtain consent could expose violators of the law, from anywhere in the world, to fines of up to $10 million. There are some exceptions, but, by and large consent is required in order to send any electronic message. The days of purchasing an email list and blasting away are over!

The Law defines  two  types of consent, implied and the gold standard, expressed consent. Implied consent has many rules around it and is not clear cut. Expressed consent on the other hand is where a vendor explicitly, and with no ambiguity or preconditions, asks a prospect for permission to send marketing materials. In most cases it is illegal to even send one email asking for that consent.

Today the only legal way to send emails to a purchased list or even to an old prospect list that one may own, is to actually make a phone call to the company and actually speak to the individual who one wants to solicit, then ask for their consent. That is precisely the service that we offer.  Our agent will call all the prospects on our clients marketing list and obtain that expressed consent verbally then confirm by followup email.

The end result is an email marketable list that is fully CASL compliant.

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