Serex Call Center

Call Centre Needs Discovery and Setup

The entire idea of hiring Serex, is that we take away from our clients’ organization, all the headaches of hiring and managing agents that will be calling. At Serex we do not make any of our clients sign a long term contract for our services, every project starts with a discovery and setup … This is where:

  1. Along with one of our senior consultants we will first make sure a call campaign is a viable option for the company. Once we are happy that there is a good chance of success …
  2. The consultant will work with the client in order to learn how to properly represent the company. This may include determining of value propositions, differentiators and other compelling facts
  3. The consultant will start creating list of talking points and rebuttals in order to create an initial script
  4. While the above is happening, our HR Department will be apprised and an appropriate agent or agents will be hired
  5. The hired agent(s) is/are then interviewed by our managers, then by the consultant and finally approved by the client
  6. The consultant will then train the manager who in turn trains the selected agent(s)
  7. Mock calls are made with the consultant, manager and agent(s)
  8. Mock call are then made with the client to ensure the client is comfortable with the agent and script being delivered before going live
  9. Once live day 1 & 2 are used as live tests and results are then analyzed before continuing with the campaign

After more than 10 years of providing call centre services, we have determined that this is a process that increases campaign success substantially. In fact we will not take on a campaign unless our clients agree to this setup process

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